Monday, July 31, 2006

secret of success

I have worked in about 5 different companies as of now, each with various nature of business.In my experinece,the first four places where I was employed,I only remained as employee at junior level and left as a employee at the same level,regardless how much effort I have input.But my current workplace, I could see my path curving to career development for better.Of course I do perform well in my work for the last one year but there was a point where I was demotivated and dropped due to my own recklessness.Yet, I maneged to raise myself and got myself promoted to a senior level.This is not only due to my own effort but also for having the support of a great leader.My line manager is not just a manager,he is truly a great yet genuine leader who could make differences in any work place he is attached to. He has given so much of motivation,support and courage to me and helped me become someone....He has put so much of trust,confidence and believe me in every step I take at work,above althese he made to me believe in me.Despite being a leader, he is an individual, whose kind at heart.His rationality in making decision, fulfilling others' needs at work without prioritizing his need,make me marvel his leadership.Having such a great leader like him,an employee can absolutely excel at their work,provided they have to add in effort.If you hace the right attitude and mentality at work,and gifted with a great leader like I do....success is sure to be on your way....

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Job Hopping

CHANGING jobs often can do your career more harm than good. If you have been in more than three jobs over the last five years, you may need to seriously evaluate your job-hopping habit.Potential employers are often vigilant about employing job-hoppers and they would want to know why you have not stayed long in any particular job.

Changing jobs frequently reflects badly on your resilience and loyalty as an employee. You could be seen as someone who lacks self-motivation, is directionless or prone to feeling restless at the workplace. In addition, recruiters may be doubtful that you have gained enough experiences and on-the-job skills since you have not stayed in any particular company for very long. They are also worried that you may leave them soon after they hire you, forcing them to start the recruiting process all over again!

Certain workers may feel that job-hopping provides them with a wide exposure to different work environments. By changing jobs frequently, they grow their networks of business contacts and another way of getting a salary raise. However, these workers need to consider such advantages against the negative opinion that potential employers would often job hop.
Workers with a set career plan would see that the short-term benefits, as such, a quicker salary jump will not make up for the depth of experience that they stand to gain from staying on a job. During the initial stage of your career, you may find that you are not sure of which direction to take, which job and industry will suit you best.

During this unsure period, it would be common to see young workers staying on a job for one or two years. Potential employers might find this adequate and comprehend the need for young people to try out a few jobs before finding their "slot".

However, if you are already in executive or management level, job-hopping would be frowned upon. A minimum stay of three or four years is necessary to give a worker good basis. With senior executives, a stay of five to seven years or longer, would be an acceptable timeline.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Are you a Perfectionist?

Are you living,trying to be perfect?

  • When you complete an assignment and send it to your superior,do you feel anxious untill you have heard it was okay?
  • Do you feel terrible as if a major disaster occurred, if you make mistake?
  • Do you think you are very organized?
  • Do you check your things compulsively, frequently?
  • You do not have the habit of asking for help?
  • Do you avoid risky things just because you are too afraid you may fail doing it?
  • You always have long to-do lists.
  • You expect others to be as competent as you and you cannot tolerate if they tend to make mistake or be reckless.
  • You tend deliver work late or miss deadlines because you are still checking on it.
  • You try to make those people close to you, as perfectionistic as you are.

If you answer "yes" for more than 5 questions than perfectionism is a big issue for you.

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006


do you think you are motivated? If you are not,you should not be pointing at others because you do not need any one to motivate you!
Just wake up and ask yourself what exactly moves you at work?


- this is desired by those who wish to be the best employee and outstanding individual.All you have to do is work your way to become top performer, or have a good attendence or do some contribution to company. You dont have to organize a marathon in order to contribute to company,but by joining in-house club committee and support them on the events being organized which doesn't cost you even a Ringgit, is enough to add credits to yourself..If you are not willing for that,then just take part in whatever activities organized by in-house clubs.As such,you are not only representing yourself but also your process.


- for those who are bored due to no competiton to fulfill your desire to be challenged,
when it comes to performance, challenge your colleagues!!Offer to spend a lunch/dinner for any one who outdoes you. When you can be willing to bet on teams that potentially going to win the World Cup,
why not have a bet for your own self actualization?!?

team activities?

all work and no play, makes jack a dull boy is 100% true!
You ought to find a channel to release stress due to work, and team activities could be one of the solutions. You can always participate in activities, organized at workplace.If those activities do not attract your interest, then organize one on your own. A simple activity such as badminton tournament can be organised as team activity. Even group of colleagues hanging at mamak on Wednesday night? I wouldn't mind calling it as a team activity. Do not wait for people to start something, just think innovatively, work on it immediately and make a difference !!!

peer influence?

Your colleagues who are demotivated may influence you as well.But its up to you to decide whether to join them or not. Its all in your mindset, if you are mature and rational enough, you can stay being positive and yet to drive your excitement into your work. If you can sustain such energy and positive attitude, you can cheer up your colleagues regardless how tensed they are. Besides that, you can even neutralise your demotivated colleagues, advise them on not to take personal on whatever happens at workplace. As every single thing in life has its good and bad,just like the Yin & Yang concept!!!!


This refers to an individual's need to be in charge and having responsbilities.
You do not have to be an AMO to hold responsbilities,you can start by being in charge of even a simple task such as updating team statistic or perfomance chart. Hence,end of the day it also add credits to your file.
By doing these little tasks, you are creating an integrity and reliability between you and people around you.


For althose needs the sense of belonging...just get out from your own world and start mixing around.
Call centre is one the best where you find people with various kind of character.
You might end up getting to know people who can click with you which can impact on your personality for better. Perhaps, that could be another reason to motivate you, thus make your work place a happening and better place.

* * * Motivation IS NOT manipulation at all, * * *
but it is a big factor that could make an impact at work place
and make a BETTER YOU !!!

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